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Dear Developers, Small Batch Releases Are Your Friend

It really seems like the world of software development today includes only two types of projects—those that release frequently and those that release infrequently. In this post, Pivotal’s Michael Coté points out two of the most important reasons that shorter development cycles with smaller batches of code make sense. While you might be familiar with these concepts, purusing agile models means these things need to be part of the belief structure of your entire organization.

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Bearchoke Tempest, A Collection Of Frontend Spring And CF Tools

Bjorn Harvold is the CTO of, an online hotel booking website. For over the past decade, he has worked with the Spring Framework on a full-time basis, and in recent years has utilized Cloud Foundry due to its tight integration with Java and Spring technologies. In this post, he discusses Bearchoke Tempest, a collection of frontend tools and demos for Spring and Cloud Foundry developers which include REST with security & versioning, a stock ticker over WebSocket, Facebook & MailChimp integration, and more. Pivotal spoke with Harvold about his history in the open source community, why he released Bearchoke Tempest, and why Spring and Cloud Foundry are making his life easier these days.

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Pivotal Cloud Predictions: A Perfect Storm for 2016—The Top 5 Themes

In this post, James Watters and Josh McKenty outline the top Cloud Native themes for 2016. We believe 2015 was the year of digital transformation, but this is only getting started. CEOs are driving further change to address disruptive new startups, and this means companies will see new digital leaders emerge, start measuring their ability to get software to market, target microservices for app development, and choose only multi-cloud, multi-vendor platforms to standardize on.

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How Cloud Native Platforms Help With Compliance And Security

In this post, Pivotal’s Cloud Native expert, Michael Coté, recaps a recent post he wrote in FierceDevOps. While compliance, security, and audits are very annoying processes for many development teams, there are good reasons these controls are put in place. The good news is, cloud application platforms can actually help make these processes better for everyone.

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Multi-Cloud Application Portability In Action

Watch a 10 minute video demonstration of how Pivotal Cloud Foundry can migrate one application across four clouds with no code changes. Learn some of the complexities that IT operations teams face when adopting a multi-cloud strategy, and how this level of portability is achieved by consolidating each cloud under a single operations stack, with a shared API, deployment methods, and toolchain.

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Pivotal Acquires CloudCredo

Today, the Pivotal family got a little bigger with the acquisition of CloudCredo, a collection of some of the foremost experts helping companies unlock the power of the Cloud Foundry platform. In this post, Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s Onsi Fakhouri sat down with Colin Humphreys, co-founder and CEO of CloudCredo, to talk through the history of the company and its future at Pivotal.

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When Your CEO Says, “Silicon Valley Is Coming…” What Do You Do?

In this post, we summarize Michael Coté’s recent Gartner AADI presentation, “Cloud Native Promises in the Land of Continuously Delivered Microservices.” To get to the point, CEOs realize they must compete on software and data, which requires a fundamental shift in the way technology teams deliver software. At Pivotal, we call this the Cloud Native Way, and Coté explains the reasoning, approaches, and tooling needed to take the journey.

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The Cloud Foundry Foundation Certification Program

Yesterday, one of Pivotal’s long term visions became a reality. The Cloud Foundry Foundation released the Cloud Foundry Certification Program. This is a huge step for both users and developers of Cloud Foundry open source software as well as our Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers. Certification provides a critical mechanism for protecting customer’s Cloud Foundry investments, avoiding vendor lock in, and ensuring portability and interoperability. This post explains why certification is so important, how it turned from a Pivotal vision into a worldwide standard, where it has an impact, and how to get started with it.

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New Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack Improves Developer Diagnostic Tools

Over the last couple of months, the Cloud Foundry Java Experience team has improved a number of features for applications running in production. We've added support for Luna HSMs, an improved memory calculator, support for the Dynatrace and Introscope APM providers, and made many other minor improvements. Now a number of additional developer-focused improvements can be found in the latest Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack release.

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