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'Pivotal Cloud Foundry'

7 Ways Pivotal And Google Simplify Cloud-Native For The Enterprise

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now generally available to run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now enterprises can build, deploy, and run cloud-native apps on the same infrastructure that powers Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube. PCF deployments can be enhanced and extended with Google’s data products (like BigQuery and the Cloud Machine Learning platform).

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New in Spring Cloud Services 1.2: Multi-Site Service Discovery

With the release of Spring Cloud Services 1.2, operators can configure peer replication of Service Registry service instances. Now, when an application registers with a Service Registry instance, that same application is available for lookup by consumers in a PCF installation in another data center, or across organizations within a single PCF installation.

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Introducing Steeltoe RC1, A Microservices Toolkit for .NET

Steeltoe, a new open source project, aims to ease microservices adoption for .NET developers, using the same NetflixOSS technology that is popular in the Java world. It is purpose-built to help developers evolve an application from a monolithic .NET 4.x architecture to a set of .NET Core microservices. Because Steeltoe is essentially an adapter between the .NET framework and Spring-based NetflixOSS tooling, the project offers additional efficiencies to enterprises that use both Java and .NET.

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The Whys And Hows: “Platform Switch” For Enterprise Java Apps

In order to modernize software development to meet the needs and speeds of today’s digital business, companies are forced to replatform their existing software. This “Platform Switch” is a big undertaking. In this post, we look at real world examples from Comcast explaining why it is very much worth it, how the industry is also headed this way, and detail some project advice and technical tips for migrating Java applications to behave in a cloud native way.

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The Microsoft Quiz For Java Developers

For the most part, Java developer's favorite thing to do with Microsoft was to ignore it. Closed source, high price tags and proprietary interfaces only strengthened arguments for Java developers to keep Microsoft out of their projects. Many Java gurus may have stopped paying attention to Microsoft all together. If you did, you may have missed some of their latest efforts and progress. Check it out—it might even be enough to reconsider Microsoft's reputation entirely.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry: A First-Class Home For Your .NET Applications

Pivotal and Microsoft are working hard to make the cloud a friendlier place for .NET developers. This post describes five major advancements we’ve made in partnership with Microsoft over the past few months, including bringing cloud native patterns into your .NET code with Steeltoe, consistently deploying ASP.NET Core apps using the new buildpack, running applications in Windows Server 2016 containers, taking advantage of the Microsoft cloud by running Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure, and simplifying Windows lifecycle operations using BOSH.

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Cloud Foundry: Brazen Opinions And Easy Extensions

The Cloud Foundry community often proudly proclaims a key part of its current success and future lies in the fact that it is an opinionated platform. But what is an “opinionated” platform? The existential questions of how to deploy to the platform and run apps on the platform are answered in a specific, if not rigid, way to boost productivity. This post discusses the benefits of operating with an opinionated platform.

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Meet Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.8—Because Time to Value Is Contagious

The new Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.8 release delivers more power and flexibility to improve the critical measure of time to value when delivering software. The release adds TCP routing to support non-HTTP/S workloads - now more legacy systems, IoT services, and containerized apps can be run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It also introduces service networks for operations teams, improved security features, and log-integrated metrics & monitoring.

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How Cloud Foundry Gives Developers A Reliable Container Runtime

Responding to the massive confusion regarding container runtimes and compatibility that has been simmering around the Docker project for months, and finally erupted last week, Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s Richard Seroter weighs in on why for Pivotal customers, this may be interesting news to keep an eye on, but it’s irrelevant to their success with delivering software.

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5 Confessions Of A Platform Builder

Matt Walburn joined the Pivotal Cloud Foundry team this year after spending the better part of the past 3 years building a platform from scratch for a FORTUNE 50 retailer. After two years of blood, sweat, and tears, Walburn and his team ultimately launched a functional platform. But the “do it yourself” journey is not one he would recommend. And certainly not in 2016. Here are his 5 top reasons why.

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