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'Pivotal Cloud Foundry'

Living On The Edge: Why Route Services Matter

Route Services in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) are a new type of marketplace service that developers insert into the request path for their application. These services intercept requests at the edge of PCF and help you to speed up development while consistently delivering more secure, robust applications. This week, Apigee, a graduate of the Pivotal Industry Day, launches a new route service for their API management management tool, Apigee Edge. Also this week, the Pivotal Cloud Foundry team announced a new upcoming Industry Day in Manhattan on June 8 & 9.

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Spring Cloud Stream: The New Event-driven Microservice Framework

The new Spring Cloud Stream 1.0 release is now generally available. A new microservices project within Spring Cloud umbrella, Spring Cloud Stream is an event-driven microservices framework that enables continuous delivery for data-centric applications. The core premise of Spring Cloud Stream is, Spring Integration meets Spring Boot and that together evolves into a lightweight event-driven microservice framework. This post covers new capabilities included in the module, including binders for RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Gemfire/Apache Geode (incubating), and Redis.

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Continuous Deployment From GitHub To PWS Via Concourse

In this post, Concourse and Pivotal Cloud Foundry expert Dan Higham explains how anyone can set up continuous deployment, triggered any time a new application is pushed to GitHub. Sample configuration files and code is provided for the Concourse manifest, the Go app, the Go test, and pipeline itself. There are also a number of graphics that visualize various processes running.

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Meet PCF Dev: Your Ticket To Running Cloud Foundry Locally

PCF Dev is a new Pivotal product that allows developers to run a nearly feature-complete Pivotal Cloud Foundry® installation locally in a single virtual machine. With PCF Dev, we aim to provide the full PCF experience locally, allowing you to iterate on your apps quickly in a production-like environment. PCF Dev includes condensed versions of the same production-grade components that comprise PCF, such as the Diego application scheduler.

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New! PCF Metrics For Pivotal Web Services And Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Starting today, Pivotal Cloud Foundry will allow developers and operations teams a near real-time view into the health and performance of their applications through PCF Metrics. The new capabilities are designed to give developers fast feedback and allow them to quickly take action. This post highlights the functionality, shares screenshots, and explains what it can do for your Pivotal Cloud Foundry environments.

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Yahoo! JAPAN To Build Largest Open Source-Based Cloud Platform

Pivotal® and Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation, the most visited website in Japan and the 15th-most visited site globally, recently announced that they will build the world’s largest open source-based private cloud platform with Pivotal Cloud Foundry® running on OpenStack that will create a unified service platform which will enable mobile first and continuous delivery for their services, including shopping, auction and media. This will contribute directly to the site’s explosive growth, which already boasts an astounding 68.1 billion monthly pageviews.

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How Pivotal Web Services Just Improved The Security Of Your Platform

How up-to-date are your application environments? When's the last time you updated the operating system or loaded the latest Java runtime? If your team is like most, the answer is "not often enough." The Pivotal Web Services (PWS) team has come up with a new, built-in service for PWS users that uses Concourse continuous integration pipelining and buildpacks to automatically update known environments as quickly as the patches are made available, helping to curtail vulnerability for security breaches in your apps.

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Case Study: Refactoring A Monolith Into A Cloud Native App (Part 4)

In this blog series, we have used the SpringTrader application as an example of an existing legacy Java app to modernize. In Parts 1, 2, and 3, we got the app up and running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and began refactoring the architecture. This post extends the effort. At the end, you will clearly see how we have improved scalability, resiliency, and maintainability. Code examples and downloads are included.

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Build Newsletter: Apple, Google & VMware Heat Up Drive For Multi-Cloud

One of the biggest announcements coming out of Google Cloud Platform’s Next Conference last week was about Apple moving workloads from AWS, but there is much more to the story than the headline. The world of poly-cloud is making big moves from financial justifications to customer moves to product developments. We cover it in this week’s BUILD Newsletter.

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Cloud Foundry Now Supports VMware Photon Platform

Today, VMware and Pivotal share an important milestone in our promise to deliver a next generation, turnkey Cloud Native platform that will fundamentally transform how companies deliver and run custom enterprise software. We are announcing the availability of the open source Photon Platform Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) for Cloud Foundry’s BOSH, an API that is used to interact with an underlying IaaS to create and manage objects on an infrastructure, including images, VMs and disks. Simply put, now Cloud Foundry users have the ability to manage their application’s lifecycle on the lightweight VMware Photon IaaS.

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