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The Evolution and Acceleration of the Open PaaS Movement

featured-CF-OneColorThe ubiquitous nature of software has served as a major disruptor to every business and market on the planet. People now connect with the world and to each other via web and mobile applications, brought to life via the fusion of data and analytics delivered across a variety of cloud computing architectures. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is emerging to make a major impact on both private and public cloud infrastructures, helping companies to significantly decrease time-to-market for product development and create the applications that people use each day.

Cloud Foundry began as an open source project but now has evolved into the basis for a true open platform ecosystem. Tech leaders Canonical, CenturyLink, IBM, Intel, Piston, Verizon and others now serve on its community advisory board, helping increase the pace of innovation for some of the largest enterprise customers in the world.

At Pivotal, we are committed to open standards and to working with partners to accelerate the adoption of Cloud Foundry even further. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Pivotal will establish an open governance model for Cloud Foundry, expected to be in place in 2014. We will be working alongside EMCIBM, HPRackspaceSAP, and VMware, plus many others such as ActiveState and CenturyLink, to establish an independent non-profit organization—a Cloud Foundry foundation. This foundation will be dedicated to the evolution of the Cloud Foundry community, the building of an open ecosystem and to accelerated adoption of multi-cloud enterprise PaaS.


Last year hundreds of people attended the initial Cloud Foundry conference and many shared their experiences contributing to and using Cloud Foundry. I can’t wait to see what future innovation stems from this movement—more than 750 individual contributors have already made a significant impact on Cloud Foundry, and the chorus continues. It will be exciting to watch how all of us can help propel things further along the journey.

For more information on today’s announcement, please read our press release here.

Paul_Maritz_Headshot2 About the Author: Pivotal Chief Executive Officer Paul Maritz formed Pivotal in 2013, having previously served as Chief Strategist of EMC and CEO of VMware. During his tenure at VMware, he led transformation of the company from a technology leader in virtualization to a category leader in cloud computing. Maritz remains a member of VMware’s board of directors. Follow Paul on Twitter: @Paul_Maritz
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