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Cloud Foundry at the OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

Last week we attended the OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014 and we were amazed not only to see the great momentum of OpenStack but also the growing involvement of several companies around the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack combo.

Cloud Foundry had a number of sessions in this summit, let’s recap some of them:


Nick Walker drove the “Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and the Enterprise Developer” session about HP’s public and private cloud efforts around an OpenStack developer platform and the Cloud Foundry PaaS.

Nick started talking about the just announced HP Helion Development Platform and how they want to provide the best in class developer experience on top of a highly available and scalable OpenStack foundation, remarking that enterprise developers need more than an IaaS and how HP is building a platform specifically for developers based on Cloud Foundry. He then introduced Cloud Foundry and explained the reasons why HP choose Cloud Foundry versus Solum. And finally he drew some ideas about better and natural integrations between Cloud Foundry and OpenStack, from shared security credentials using OpenStack Keystone, to a Cloud Foundry UI integration into OpenStack Horizon.


IBM also had a strong presence at the Summit, and they gave several talks about Cloud Foundry, but I want to highlight one of them.

Animesh Singh, Jason Anderson, Daniel Krook and Kalonji Bankole lead the “Optimizing OpenStack for Large Scale Cloud Foundry Deployments” talk. They described IBM’s approach to deploy Cloud Foundry on OpenStack and shared some recommendations for OpenStack infrastructure selection, configuration and topologies based on their eighteen months experience deploying Cloud Foundry on private and public clouds.

It’s worth checking the video or the slides because it is full of useful advice, from what IBM did to automate the deployment of Cloud Foundry, to how to address several issues when deploying Cloud Foundry at scale over OpenStack.

Piston and Pivotal

Joshua McKenty from Piston Cloud and Ferran Rodenas from Pivotal lead together a collaborative working developer session for the Cloud Foundry BOSH open source project. The discussion floated around how to better bootstrap Cloud Foundry BOSH on OpenStack and how to make this process more repeatable and automatable. We were amazed by the number of different companies that joined the session, the depth knowledgement they exposed, and the ideas they proposed to make this happen. If you were not able to attend this session and want to know what was proposed, check the contents at

After one of the sessions, Josh (Piston), Animesh (IBM), Jason (IBM) and others stuck around after-hours to collaborate on improving OpenStack integration

After one of the sessions, Josh (Piston), Animesh (IBM), Jason (IBM) and others stuck around after-hours to collaborate on improving OpenStack integration


The Canonical expo hall booth was also busy, as Canonical did a preview demo based on a joint effort between Canonical, Altoros and Pivotal on how to deploy Cloud Foundry on AWS using Ubuntu Juju. Stay tuned, because the Juju charms for Cloud Foundry are going to be released pretty soon!


We have greatly enjoyed this conference and the warm welcome by the OpenStack community, and we look forward to the next OpenStack summit where we are sure to again see a strong involvement between two cloud focussed open source communities, Cloud Foundry and OpenStack.

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