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Announcing Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Amazon Web Services

Pivotal Cloud Foundry can now deploy applications natively on Amazon Web Services, offering a single deployment experience across public and private clouds. This multi-cloud accessibility ensures applications can be easily migrated between public and private infrastructure to create true hybrid cloud support.

Consistent Deployment Experience Across Clouds

The platform provides a consistent deployment pipeline across IT environments, whether deploying on Amazon or behind the firewall. Instead of managing each cloud deployment with different processes and tools, IT teams can invest in a single toolchain to build, run and manage applications. This common platform minimizes the refactoring work required for developers and operators to deploy and manage applications in the new environment, making it easy to move applications on to and out of out of Amazon Web Services.

Multi-Cloud Support

While adding support for AWS expands options for our customers, PCF is also supported on vCloud Air, vSphere and OpenStack with support for more cloud options on the roadmap. With a standard platform across clouds, Pivotal reduces the undifferentiated heavy lifting required to develop multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. This lets developers take advantage of on demand, self-service provisioning while IT operations retains full visibility and control of deployment environments.




PCF on AWS release is deployed using the Amazon API to automatically spin up a complete platform stack onto a private VPC subnet. The full PCF Service catalog is available to be deployed on standard EC2 instances and administered by Pivotal Ops Manager, with the additional option for developers to connect to AWS-specific services on demand.

To get started with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on AWS, please contact Pivotal.

  1. cct-spence says:

    If you do not want a private cloud and only use the AWS version is that possible?

  2. Vishal says:

    I would like to deploy cloud foundry on a private subnet in a VPC. However, I have come accross a lot of documentation on deploying cloud foundry on AWS using bosh and lattice. However, they create a VPC, subnet, igw etc. It is through my private IP that i will open the rule in my firewall and allow connection to only my network. Is that possible. If yes can you please provide me link from where I can get started without having a full fledged deployment of AWS. I cannot attach a public IP to the instance.


  3. Eligijus says:


    How does it actually work- do you deploy PCF on a Customers AWS account and then provide support? Or do you actually “own” the AWS account and manage the PCF service for a Customer, essentially selling PCF as a PaaS on AWS IaaS? The following sentence got me thinking “The full PCF Service catalog is available to be deployed on standard EC2 instances and administered by Pivotal Ops Manager….”.


    • David Soul says:

      Pivotal offers both options – you can install a full Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform instance on your own Amazon account, where you license PCF and pay for AWS usage. Alternatively, you can use the Pivotal Web Services edition at which is fully hosted by Pivotal. Installing PCF on Amazon gives you the option to provide your own services, including beta and custom services, while Pivotal Web Services gives you a set of production-ready services.

  4. Murali Mooliyil says:

    David – I’m looking for information about using PCF-on-AWS for a HIPAA compliant app.
    1.Are there any native services/feature for
    – encrypting data in transit & storage
    – key management
    – database encryption (for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra)
    2. Are there any reference architecture or case study for healthcare app (HIPAA compliance)
    3. Does Pivotal provide BAA ?

  5. sabari says:

    Tried to setup Ops Manager instance in Private subnet and getting an time-out error, But as per the Pivotal Cloud foundry documentation it is suggested that Ops manger should be launched in Public Subnet.
    1. Is it possible to setup up the environment by launching the Ops Manager in a private subnet ?
    2. Is there any possibilities to configure proxy server at any level (Ops Manager, NAT)

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