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2013-03-05 NYC Standup: Tuesday is Debug Day


Bundler gets gem signing verification

This capability has apparently been around for years but only recently added to bundler:

If enforcing package signing becomes more commonplace the n the incident that occurred 2 months ago should have far more limited consequences.

Replay XHRs in Chrome

Not sure when this feature was added but you can now replay requests in Chrome’s Network pane. Pretty useful for debugging some wonky requests.

The value of continuous deployment

A nice, short blog post on continuous deployment:

Jasmine Segfaulting?

Use jasmine headless webkit to get around random segfaults on semaphore:

Coffeescript Source Maps

Coffeescript now supports source maps, meaning the line numbers are available at JS debug time. Check out for details. YMMV with various toolchains (e.g., sprockets).

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