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Android Tidbits 6/8/2011: Warning! Warning!

Un-shadowed Method Warnings!

In response to yesterday’s question about Un-shadowed Method Warnings, Pivot Tyler points out that you can turn these on by calling Robolectric.logMissingInvokedShadowMethods(). Thanks!

Bad cached-robolectric-classes.jar

On two workstations every unit test was failing with the following error:

// …many levels of stack trace, finally:
Caused by: com.xtremelabs.robolectric.bytecode.IgnorableClassNotFoundException: msg because of javassist.NotFoundException: android.content.DialogInterface$OnShowListener
at com.xtremelabs.robolectric.bytecode.AndroidTranslator.onLoad(
at javassist.Loader.findClass(

Cause: there was an old tmp/cached-robolectric-classes.jar that was causing these errors and our tests ran successfully after deleting it. That’s two answers from Pivot Tyler!

Don’t DDOS Yourself With Your Own App

The Bump Android team wrote an article about a good idea gone wrong. Moral of the story: not all devices behave the same, and this might cripple your servers rather than the devices.

Robolectric Google Group

Join it, contribute, and learn about unit testing your Android apps.

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