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Announcing Tweed for the Palm Pre and Palm webOS

We are happy to announce Tweed, a twitter client for the Palm® Pre™ and Palm webOS™

Check out for info, screenshots and a video.

Follow us on Twitter @tweed

  1. Kyle McClain says:

    First thanks for developing tweed, however I find the interface frustrating. To me the layout is backwards. Think the default field should be to enter a tweet not search.

  2. Paulette says:

    I agree with Kyle’s comment. The default screen should be to enter a tweed. That’s usually the purpose of people “twittering”, no?
    Then there should be “quick links/buttons” to get to the other features rather than a a drop down. I hate to say this…but similar to the iPhone’s “boxes” at the bottom. Just an idea for a more intuitive and user friendly interface.

  3. Christian Sepulveda says:

    @Kyle & @Paulette,

    I am sorry the interface is confusing. The compose screen needs a bit more room than would fit on the top of the screen, which is why it is a separate screen.

    As far as the search box, it is modeled after other Palm webOS apps, such as YouTube.

  4. Amanda says:

    Having trouble with bookmarks. Your website says:

    Tap the App Menu, then tap Add Bookmark.

    When I open the menu while in Tweed, I don’t have an “Add Bookmark” option. Am I looking in the wrong place?


  5. Christian Sepulveda says:

    @Amanda — You can add bookmarks to a trend, search or user profile. Add Bookmark is only available on these scenes.

    Does this help?

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