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Avoid Repetition with RubyMine's Recent Activities

During development, it’s common to view and edit the same group of related files, to navigate the same classes, and to run and rerun the same tests. An IDE that keeps track of recent activities can help simplify performing these types of repetitive development tasks. In this post, we’ll look at how to view and re-execute recent activities in RubyMine on OS X.

Recent Files

Reopen recently opened files with command + E.


Reopen recently edited files with command + shift + E.


Recent Programs

Rerun recently run programs with control + option + R.


Debug a recently run program by holding down shift before selecting it.

Recent Navigations

Use command + [ and command + ] to move backward and forward through recent navigation commands. Navigation commands are listed in the “Navigate” menu item.

Recent Edits

Move backward through recent edits with command + shift + backspace.

Paste recently copied and cut content with command + shift + V.


Recent Find Usages

Rerun recent find usage searches from the Find tool window, command + 3, with command + E.


Console History

Re-execute recent Rails or IRB console commands in the Run tool window, command + 4, with command + E.


Recent Commit Messages

Reuse recent commit messages in the Commit Changes dialog, command + K, with command + E.


Don’t Repeat Yourself

Try to avoid performing an original task twice. If you open and close a file, re-open it from the recent files list. If you run a test, rerun it from the recent programs list. Do a task the long way once, then shorten it.

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