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Badges and Widgets – How would you like to promote your project?

We’re starting work on Tracker badges and widgets. Our goal is to allow you to share information about your project or backlog on your website, or to promote Tracker and Agile Software in general.

Our current thinking is a few widgets that expose project summary data and stories, as well as something along the lines of “I <3 Tracker”/”I <3 Agile Development” badges for those who just want to spread the love without sharing their private project data. We imagine these being used on open source project pages, personal websites, and blogs.

So I ask you: What information would you like to share (story summaries, upcoming stories, members, etc?). If your project is private do you want to be able to expose some of this information anyway? If you are interested in sharing your love of Tracker and Agile Software but not your project data what kind of badge(s) would you want?

As always, thanks for your feedback!

  1. grosser says:

    How about “Current Iteration: 5/60”

  2. texmex5 says:

    How about realease/iteration date countdown?

  3. – velocity
    – # stories in the backlog

  4. Ross Hale says:

    I’d share my pithy release titles with (optionally) their deadlines / estimated completion dates. Let’s users know what to expect.

  5. Severin says:

    . a select box for every project
    – with a select box for every iteration (with additional text “x remaining days”)
    . some stats (about the selected iteration) like counts of open stories, bugs, cores grouped by the state

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