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Balanced Team Sunday Salon at Pivotal Labs

This Sunday Pivotal Labs hosted a Balanced Team Sunday Salon following the three-day LeanUX NYC conference. LeanUX was chock-full of amazing talks and workshops, and the ensuing sentiment was my brain hurts! The Balanced Team Sunday Salon was a chance to recover, process, and reflect.

We started off with brunch: bagels and bellinis.

and then Mary kicked things off and set context for the day with an introduction to what Balanced Team is

Lane then described the schedule:

Topic generation and dot-voting.

While continuing to brunch, participants used post-its to write down suggestions for “Lean UX: What’s the Big Idea You Want to Talk About?”

Next, the crowd dot-voted (three dots per person) to rank the most popular topics, with the most popular topics informing the break-out sessions.


Breakout Group Conversations

Once the most popular topics were decided, the originator of each one found a table and other participants came and joined them for a group discussion. Everyone talked for ~30m, and each group was asked to generate some sort of artifact for public consumption. After the conversations, a member from each breakout group presented their poster to the assembled group.

What is the right level of fidelity to test an idea?


When is Design Done?


Should Developers learn to design?

How do decide which process or tool to use?



Rebranding ‘Lean UX’


“How to recognize & cultivate a @balancedteam culture”


What the @&#*!? is ‘Cynefin’? (It’s Complicated)


After a break and a bit more brunching, the remaining highly popular topics were used to feed the Fishbowl. A Fishbowl is a conversation format where four seats are set up for a conversation among three participants. If someone from the audience wants to speak, they come on stage, join the panel and take the fourth chair, whereupon the longest-sitting panelist retires to the audience. In this way, a democratic, collaborative group conversation can be had.







Closing Circle

It was a great day of conversation, but everyone was pretty beat. And the weather outside was gorgeous! We formed up into the hallmark end of a Balanced Team event: the closing circle. Each person described one thing they’d take with them from the event, into their work.

Finally, after a long (but exhilarating) day, we headed off to a rooftop bar to soak in some rays and enjoy each others company. 

Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and participants! Can’t wait ‘til next time!

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