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Best Buy Remix PHP library available

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the Remix activity.

Matt Williams has put together a PHP library for Remix.

Code sample:

require_once 'BestBuy/Service/Remix.php';

$apiKey = '12345678'; // Your API key
$remix  = new BestBuy_Service_Remix($apiKey);

// Retrieve a list of stores within 10 miles of a zip code
$result = $remix->stores(array('area(10006,10)'))->query();

// Result objects may be implicitly cast as strings
echo $result;

// Retrieve a list of Movies containing the text "Bat"
$result = $remix->products(array('name=bat*','type=Movie'))->query();

    echo $result;
else if(403 != $result->http_code)
    // API errors result in an error document with detailed info
    echo current($result->toSimpleXml()->xpath('/error/message'));
    // 403 errors do not contain a full error document, only an h1 message
    echo $result->data;

// Retrieve fields from a list of Movies starting with "Bat" in JSON format
$result = $remix->products(array('type=Movie', 'name=bat*'))
            ->show(array('name','regularPrice','url', 'sku'))

echo $result;

// Check for store availability of a Playstation 3 in a given area
$result = $remix->stores(array('area(10006,10)'))

echo $result;
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