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I just spent a wonderful weekend with 75 of the brightest folks I know in the Ruby community. My hat’s off to Obie and the Hashrocket crew for putting together a really great, intimate conference in a beautiful location. It’s refreshing to really have to struggle to choose which talk to attend from so many choices at each session. I know too many choices are a Bad Thing™, but the format made for great small sessions, and a wonderful thing happened: Everyone got to really meet and get to know everyone.

Among many others, I had the pleasure of meeting CJ Kihlbom, who nails a lot of why these conferences are so important in his post, The Business Value of Conferences.

It was really pleasant to present to a community of business leaders who understand the value of agile, and who are serious practitioners in their own practices.

A lot of you have asked for the slides from my talk, Agile, Rails and the Cloud, so I’ve posted them here.

Those of you who thought about coming but didn’t really missed out. Come next year. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Federico Soria

    Couldn’t have putted it better, awesome conference and it really was all about the community.

  • It was great meeting you at BizConf, Ian. Let’s keep in touch, as I want to make sure we sort things out for when I come out to San Francisco.

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