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Boulder Standup – Feb 16, 2012

rspec should render_template still behaving weirdly

Specing a partial being rendered with render_template blows up. What to do?

render_template has been brittle for a long time. It obviously still is:

response.should render_template("template") #works fine
response.should render_template(partial: "template") #works fine
response.should render_template(partial: "template", locals: {local_array: []}) #blows up within rspec

You know how to fix it? Solve it here

RubyMine 4 is out

RubyMine “compare two files” isn’t broken

It is just really, really weird: if you have to scroll when comparing two files check the file that is above in the project drawer first. If you scroll up to do select the second file to compare, the compare window won’t open.

Stubbing can? can be hard

In a system with a lot of cancan abilities – what is the best way to stub a particular ability for controller specs? In the hierarchy of controllers, a lot of abilities may be checked, all of which would need to stubbed in order to get to the code under test.

Instead of stubbing the abilities, create a new, anonymous, ability class specific for your spec that gets all the necessary abilities and then stub current_ability to return an instance of that class. Internally cancan calls current_ability when you call can?: cancan controller additions

  1. When the permissions stuff gets more complicated I prefer to use [allowy]( instead of cancan.

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