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Bundler + Cruise… Take Two

Responding to my last post, Josh pointed out what should probably be obvious: It’s likely a bad idea to bundle bundler. There’s a potential for version conflicts.

For our second attempt, we’re

As a second attempt, we’re now cribbing from the continuous integration setup from the Rails project. So far, so good:

Our RAILS_ROOT/cruise_config.rb

require 'fileutils'

Project.configure do |project|
  project.build_command = 'sudo gem update --system && ruby lib/cruise/build.rb'

And, the referenced lib/cruise/build.rb (the important parts)…

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'fileutils'
include FileUtils

def root_dir
    @root_dir ||= File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../..')

def rake(*tasks)
  tasks.each { |task| return false unless system("#{root_dir}/bin/rake", task, 'RAILS_ENV=test')}

build_results = {}

cd root_dir do
  build_results[:bundle] = system 'gem bundle'  # bundling here, rather than in a task (not in Rails context)
  build_results[:spec] = rake 'cruise:spec'

failures = { |key, value| value == false }

if failures.empty?

Thanks go to

  • Josh Susser for help via email
  • John Pignata for suggesting we look at the Rails project
  • Rails team for the reference scripts

More comments and suggestions are encouraged.

  1. Chad Woolley says:

    Rails is still using GemInstaller to [bootstrap itself and autoupdate rubygems]( That’s kinda silly, but still required to be called my automated CI box setup scripts (which are still [languishing in my branch]( while I reconsider the approach…)

    There should be something like this in bundler itself – like a shell script that you can wget and install with a one-liner. e.g.:

    wget -O /tmp/ && sh /tmp/
  2. Chad Woolley says:

    [Opened a Ticket]( to add this to Bundler…

  3. Whatever JS you guys are using to add “Read more: ” to copy and paste screws up newline formatting on code samples.

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