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Capybara 2.0 is out.


SPF/DKIM for validating received email From: field?

We’re working on a feature where a user can reply to emails. We want to trust the “From:” field to identify the user, but aren’t sure how to set everything up properly.

We’re using SendGrid’s “Parse API” to receive the emails, and it tells us that we get an spf ‘permerror’ when sending from, but not from regular or What gives?

SPF only authenticates the envelope domain, so headers can’t be trusted. DKIM has the option to auth specific headers, so you may be able to trust DKIM.


Capybara 2.0 released!topic/ruby-capybara/C0O7nP2YG1A

  • Error on ambiguous match
  • Drop Ruby 1.8 support
  • External gems like capybara-webkit may not be compatible yet
  • Not backwards compatible with 1.x
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