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At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring., a nationwide platform for social change, is looking for Ruby and Rails developers to join their team. The full job posting follows.

Come help us change the world is a rapidly expanding, profitable social venture growing at more than 100,000 members a month and empowering people across the globe to win social action campaigns on a wide range of issues such as human rights, global poverty, and environmental protection. Our current partners include more than 100 of the world’s largest nonprofits, including Amnesty International, Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, and the United Nations Foundation.

Ruby / Rails Hacker


  • worked on at least one high-performance, consumer-facing web site
  • skills in all tiers of the web application stack
  • rewritten code to help yourself sleep better at night
  • a github account that speaks for itself


  • navigate the command-line in a Linux environment
  • integrate ruby code with web service APIs
  • navigate and grok an existing, large code base
  • provide at least three professional references who will tell us you can (metaphorically) “walk on water”


  • write clean and performant code in ruby, ERB, Javascript, and SQL
  • analyze site usage metrics to design A/B tests
  • integrate site usage metrics using time-series data storage and graphing tools
  • constantly improve the quality of the code on our site

To apply, please email your LinkedIn profile and (preferably) your github URL to

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