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Code Monkey

So I didn’t go to whatever was going on in Baltimore this week, but I did do a whole bunch of open source coding over the past week or two:

  • TestFirst has a totally revamped design, including the downloadable (or cloneable) student exercises, and Learn JavaScript is now a first-class citizen
  • Wrong‘s expect alias now plays nicer with RSpec’s expect
  • Rerun got a few new command-line options, including --clear and --exit so you can now easily rerun regular scripts (like rerun -cx rake test) when their files change
  • I submitted a patch to RubyGems to make the warningitis less ZOMG and more KTHXBY
  • Fonzie is a bookmarklet that tells you what font you’re looking at
  • Twitter RSS is a bookmarklet that brings back the RSS link to the New Twitter UI
  • Showoff works better with nested bullets and missing showoff.json files — so go nag Scott if you want him to accept my patches ;-)
  • I also finally got my git pre-commit hook correctly stripping whitespace, and

A lot of these projects, especially TestFirst, are aching for improvement, so if you feel like contributing code or courseware, or even just feature requests, please get in touch!

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