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coding for the soul

Is coding right for you?

Does it satisfy your soul?

If you had a billion dollars, would you write another line of code?

Three years ago, I quit my Rails consulting gig, bought a VW Bus and started traveling. I thought, if I was independently wealthy I would spend my life traveling, climbing and surfing. I loved that life. I was living the dream.

Joshua Tree

I didn’t write a line of code… for 6 months. Then, in the middle of winter, in Kentucky, I spent three days in the basement of a pizza shop. No running water, no heat…. but it had electricity and wifi. I spent three days hacking away, and I loved it.

At that point I realized that I needed to write code. It provided something my soul craved.

I think it’s the ability to CREATE that I love. I find taking an idea and turning it into reality… satisfying. Maybe if I could paint, compose music, or ice sculpt with a chain saw I’d do one of those things instead, but I can’t.

I can code. Coding satisfies my soul’s need to create.

Is coding right for you? How do you know?

  • James Burnett

    You are not alone. I started coding at 5. By 25 I was burnt out and decided to never write another line of code again. I switched industries and move nearly half way around the world. A year later, when I was asked to build a group website, I rediscovered a missing part of my life. You are absolutely right, it felt like feeding a languishing part of my soul.

    That was when I learned that coding was as necessary to my soul as food and water are to my body. Today I’m a software engineer again, and I love it.

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