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Color My Mustache Update: Double Down and Split

Please see my previous post regarding Movember for context.

Pivotal Labs CEO Rob Mee has announced that he will match the highest qualifying donation for coloring my mustache. In return, he gets to pick the color of half the ‘stache.

The largest donation to me or to the Pivots-West team before midnight tonight (PST) earns the right to color HALF of my mustache. Rob will match that donation for the right to color the other half. Don’t fret, he’s been researching clashing color schemes.

You will still receive a whole autographed photo of your very own, and now your very welcome donation to men’s health will be twice as large!

  • Sean Beckett

    Winner, with a pledge of $100, was Pivot Chris Heisterkamp. CEO Rob Mee and VP Eng Edward Hieatt also made matching pledges for a total of $300.

    See the colorful result and all the other Pivotal ‘staches at

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