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Compiling Command-T and MacVim

Vim is a great text editor, and MacVim makes it play nicely on a Mac. RVM is a great utility for managing multiple versions of Ruby on a single machine. The Command-T plugin is a great fuzzy-finder for filematching in Vim. But put all of these together, and things can get hairy: if Command-T is not compiled with the correct version of Ruby, it’ll break. Here’s how to compile it correctly:

cd .vim/bundle/command-t/ruby/command-t/
rvm use system
make clean
ruby extconf.rb
  1. Steve says:

    MacVim is the best and I solute your post. But instead of using Command-T standalone, I prefer using Janus (, which _used_ to come with Command-T but has now switched (upgraded?) to Ctrl-P ( which has some definite pros/cons when compared to Command-T.

  2. Really informative post..!!Thanks for sharing..!!

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