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dri on openbsd/amd64

I’ve been helping out oga@ with the porting of dri onto OpenBSD, specifically in the !i386 sense. I’m also learning C, and kernel and X and ioctl at the same time. So needless to say, he’s done the heavy lifting ;).

Last night, I finally got my machine to start dri. I had to remove DEBUG from my kernel config (an absurd amount of debug messages from everything, and all sorts of excess checking slowed things down dramatically. kernel compiles took 15 minutes, vs the 2.5 minutes they do in normal mode.), and fix the Xorg libdri libraries. Bampf, glxgears runs at 660fps, vs 40fps. PrivSep has to be disabled, and you have to run X as root (eep!!!), so those need to be fixed before anything hits the OpenBSD source tree. Anyways, the OpenBSD tree is locked in preparation for the 4.3 release, so nothing can hit the tree anyways.

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