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Ending Support for Tweed, our Twitter client for HP webOS

Over the past two years we’ve worked on Tweed, our webOS Twitter client, we’ve learned a lot about mobile development, JavaScript techniques and of course the Twitter client space. But the landscape has changed a lot recently so we’ve been thinking a lot about Tweed.

We’ve realized that it takes a lot of resources to maintain a Twitter client to the level of features and quality that Twitter users demand. The Twitter API changes frequently and new Twitter-related services appear all the time.

HP is shipping new webOS devices and has a new framework to go with them so we would need to reinvest a lot of time in order to keep up with the platform.

Add in that Twitter recently changed their policy regarding 3rd party client applications and the justification of continued effort is questionable.

After careful consideration we decided that the correct course of action is to formally end development and support for Tweed.

What does this mean for me?

If you have Tweed on your phone currently, it will continue to work.

However, Tweed will (shortly) no longer be available in the App Catalog. This means you will no longer be able to purchase, re-download, or restore Tweed to another webOS device.

There are several ways to use Twitter on your webOS device, including Twitter’s excellent mobile web interface. But the application that has the richest, most-comparable-to-Tweed feature set is Carbon by dots & lines.

We’ve let dots & lines know about our plans and they’ve graciously offered to lower their price to $1.99 for a couple of weeks to help current Tweed users who want to migrate to an actively-maintained Twitter client. The price change should go live shortly.

Thanks to all of you who have bought Tweed, helped us find and fix bugs, and supported each other in the Twitterverse.

UPDATE Price drop for Carbon is live and dots and lines has some nice things to say on their blog

  1. Jake says:

    Aww. Bummed out, but I understand. Are you winding down WebOS dev or just the one product

  2. Ari says:

    Sad day. Big fan of the product. Good luck with PL.

  3. Mel Riffe says:

    Thanks, Guys, for a great app. Sorry to see it go but I completely understand your reasoning.

  4. martymankins says:

    Sad to see this twitter client go away. I’ve used Twee, Tweed and Bad Kitty and moved between all of them on a regular basis because I’ve liked features in all of them. I’ve resisted Carbon just because I didn’t want to have a 4th twitter client on my Palm Pre. But with this $1.99 price, I may jump.

    Question on the app itself and moving it to another webOS phone like a Pre 3 or Veer… if the Palm profile gets attached to another phone, won’t the app download itself onto the other phone when doing a profile restore?

  5. ScottMGS says:

    I’m bummed. I’ve tried all the others and kept coming back to Tweed. Even Carbon didn’t measure up (for me). I’ll probably end up with Spaz.

  6. Davis W. Frank says:

    We are still working with clients who want to develop webOS apps – it’s still a great platform. This is more about our ability to be a product company in the Twitter client space.

    @martymankins – according to Palm, once an app is removed from the App Catalog it will not restore to profile which is recorded as having purchased it.

  7. I too found Tweed best of the bunch, including vs Carbon. Very sorry to hear about the decision.

    Given you are abandoning support for the product, any reason why you won’t provide the ipk of the most recent version for those who purchased to simply reinstall via WebOS Quick Install or Preware? Understanding that Twitter API/other changes may break functionality eventually, I’d like to continue to use as long as it’s useful, including after moving to a Pre3.

  8. Arthur Thornton says:

    You all do realize that the Veer ships with Mojo, not Enyo. Additionally, the Pre 3 and TouchPad will ship with Mojo on them and it has been said that all devices released in 2011 will have Mojo and only devices released in 2012 and beyond will be without Mojo?

    Therefore there is absolutely no real reason to discontinue support of Tweed or to remove it from the App Catalog. Most importantly, you shouldn’t remove support for Tweed because users paid for the app and for support.

    Additionally, you don’t need to keep adding features into Tweed, just keep it around and users will be happier than they will be if they aren’t ever allowed to have access to Tweed again.

  9. Doug Reeder says:

    I’m sorry to see Tweed go – it’s the first app I purchased for webOS, and is still my Twitter client. But, given the current environment for Twitter apps and webOS apps, your decision is very understandable.

    Please consider making it available through a PreWare feed.

  10. Davis W. Frank says:

    Carbon’s price drop is now live. And make sure to go read [dots and lines’ nice words about Tweed on their blog](

  11. red says:

    I don’t use Tweed (or Twitter or Android), but gosh, why not make it an open source and just let it out in the wild? Seems like you have a pretty popular program that other developers could do something with and keep it alive.

  12. candi says:

    i’m pretty sure a small part of me died on the inside.. the part that loved my twitter app.. other palm apps just don’t compare

  13. jessica says:

    just had my pre replaced and I freaked out when it didn’t download mt tweed app. I searched the catalog thinking there was a mistake. First appi ever bought and none of the others compare :(

  14. fred says:

    just had my pre plus replaced and was surprised to see that Tweed didn’t restore. I paid for the app–are you offering refunds to customers that are no longer able to use it?

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