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Free Version of Tweed no longer compatible with Twitter Authentication

Twitter has been completing the migration of third party applications, such as Tweed, to use their new authentication methods. (For more on the authentication details, please see Twitter’s developer docs.)

One result of this change is that the free version of Tweed no longer works. As we have noted in the past, we are no longer supporting the free version of Tweed, so we will not be upgrading it to work with Twitter’s new authentication scheme.

We understand this will frustrate many Tweed users. For a limited time, the paid version of Tweed will be available for $0.99, in all markets. This price change should appear in the App Catalog soon.

  • While dropping the price for paid version to $0.99 is a nice gesture, I personally think you are going to lose a LOT of Tweed users. I previously upgraded but have switched to Twee recently because it is less intrusive and easier to navigate. Just my $0.02


  • Timothy C

    I applaud the price change for the paid version; a smart move. As of 5:17 Central, though, it still showed the $2.99 price in the App Catalog. Also, I’d suggest pulling the free version out of the App Catalog… It doesn’t work anyway, and no point in setting up a bad first impression for potential new users, right?

  • mindi

    I am with Gergorian. You will lose a LOT of users, especially given that no notifications went out unless you were following the tweed acct. I was on tweed 24/7 on my phone, but it’s time to download another client. Even if I have to pay for it, I will switch to another program before paying for your “upgraded” version.

  • I’ve mooched with the free Beta long enough … time for me to support the developer. Frankly 99 cents is too cheap, but I appreciated low cost webOS apps. Thanks.

  • JohnD

    I am in the UK cannot use Paid for apps and now i am unable to use tweed to access my twitter,.
    confusing that you wish to charge to upgrade an app that was free for a free to access website.
    you also state that
    “One result of this change is that the free version of Tweed no longer works”
    which is more likesaying one result is that we cant waste our time on this free stuff when there is money to be made.
    another day further regrets on buying the palm

  • Andrew

    Agree with RichC above! Love Tweed and I’ve been freeloading long enough. I’m paying 2.99 for it because it’s worth at least that much to me.

  • The price has yet to drop to $.99. It probably would have been a good idea to warn your users of the sudden change. It’s ok, though. I’ve found TweetMe. It’s cheaper and a much better application.

  • RichD

    I thought something fishy was going on with Twitter last night. Anyway, I’ve been using the beta for so long and I was finally about to plop down the full price when I came across this blog post. Thanks so much for dropping the price. It’s such a great app. In fact, it’s the only one I’ve ever purchased.

  • Mohan

    ok cool, I just purchased Tweed.

  • Silver

    Can’t find it in the Palm App Store to pay $0.99 for it. Gonna have to try another client . . . bummer

  • not sure why 99 cents is going to lose you people.

    Still wish you could make lists into a card. e.g. I’d be able to choose from an account or a list as my native card.

    That way I can easily filter without having to nav to lists.

    I guess it would be tweetdeck-ish if you did that.

  • Darryl

    I have the paid version, but yesterday Tweed started giving me “Twitter Failure”s. WHat’s going on? I tried deleting my account and re-entering it. FIrst time, it told me my password was wrong (oops, my mistake) Entered the correct password, and I’m right back to Twitter failures.

    Please help.

  • Glory

    I am in Chile and cannot use Paid for apps and now i am unable to use tweed to access my twitter. I loved this app…and of course I will pay for that…but its system doesn’t let me it ..:(

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