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Full-stack web app testing with Selenium and Rails

Brian Takita and Alex Chaffee gave a presentation at the
SDForum Silicon Valley Ruby Conference over the weekend,
entitled Full-stack web app testing with Selenium and Rails. We’re going to do it again at Agile 2007 (and we’ll have an extra half-hour next time, so we’ll have time to do some interactive pairing with some hapless audience member).

Here are the slides, courtesy of SlideShare:

  1. Matthew says:


    Your talk at SV Ruby Conference totally sparked my interest in selenium and rails. afterwards I went back and automated all of my tests using Selenium-on-Rails plugin. I was wondering are you planning to release Pivotals labs code for integrating Selenium RC and Rails environment?

  2. Dav says:

    Hi Matthew, it’s out on rubyforge now (as seleniumrc_fu):

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