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Shop For Your Gear on the Mountain Equipment Co-op iPhone App

For over 40 years, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) has been connecting adventurers with the best outdoor and sports gear. We’re excited to announce the launch of their iPhone app that excels at doing exactly that.

As a brick-and-mortar retailer with 16 stores across Canada, MEC wanted to have a full m-commerce app that would expand their reach. The creation of the Shop MEC m-commerce app means that MEC’s customers can now freely browse and access inventory, no matter where in Canada they live. MEC’s e-commerce website already receives over 3 million visits annually, so this m-commerce app will offer yet another way to connect customers with the MEC products they love.

Essential features were built into the m-commerce app that contributes to the mobile shopping experience. For example, users can create wish lists to track the items that they’re keeping their eye on. Full product details and hi-res images are presented in a user-friendly way, and items are easy to browse and find through searching by category, gender, or activity. User reviews and ratings accompany every product, giving real-time feedback to MEC and customers about items.

MEC’s unique UI/UX vision was brought to life by our design team, who worked with MEC’s strict branding guidelines to perfect the MEC experience in the app. We really wanted to focus on visually conveying MEC’s inventory. In order to do this, we removed any excessive text and functions that could clutter up the app or frustrate the user with longer load times. Users will find it a breeze to browse, shop, and order on their mobile devices.

While MEC’s iPhone app is ideal for m-commerce shopping, we also built in a slew of features for consumers interested in shopping in-store. For example, the app has a built-in stock checker so customers can see which locations carry the items they’re interested in if they prefer to pick something up in store. Built-in barcode scanning allows in-store customers to scan the product shelf tag to view the product within the app, then add it to their cart or share it via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Naturally, we also built a store locator in order to remove a barrier for customers interested in visiting a store. Users can call a specified store directly from their phone, check store hours or get directions to the store within the app.

For retailers with only a few brick-and-mortar locations, an m-commerce app offers huge convenience and accessibility to customers. Don’t just take our word for it: give the Shop MEC iPhone app a whirl here. We’re proud to say it’s just hit #1 on the Lifestyle App list in the Canadian iTunes App Store.

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