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Guiderails: our Rails 3 templates

One of our goals for the first day a project starts at Pivotal is to deliver something the customer can see working. One of the ways we accomplish this is making sure getting up and running with all of our (more) reasonable defaults only takes a few minutes. We’ve been using guiderails for this internally for a while now, and soft launched it last week. I’m happy to give a full introduction today.

Currently Guiderails supports choosing:

  • Mysql or Postgres
  • RR or Mocha
  • Webrat with Saucelabs support
  • Cucumber with Capybara (no suacelabs support)
  • SASS (with HAML)

And includes by default:

  • A script for running your project in CI.
  • A local git repo
  • An rvmrc
  • Bundler, auto-tagger, JSON, Heroku, rspec-rails, Jasmine, and Headless gems (in the global or development groups)
  • Jasmine initialized for JavaScript testing
  • Respec installed
  • Some testing related rake tasks

For more details, check it out on github at

Guiderails is a great way to get going quickly on a project. Many thanks to the Pivots that contributed.

  • Is Respec a typo or cool testing lib I haven’t heard of?

    Also, love RR. Wish more people used it.

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