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Introducing (for all your example-app needs)


Hamazon, your Fine Purveyors of Pork Products since 2010, is the default example I use so as to have a consistent example of a software application whenever I tell stories. In the spirit of Convention Over Configuration, it’s helpful to have a go-to narrative rather than inventing a new example for every story. Because Hamazon bears striking similarities to a certain e-commerce site, most people grok it quickly, and because the default Pivotal Tracker Sample Project is an e-commerce site, it’s easy to quickly generate a new Hamazon backlog at any time.

Create a fully-fleshed out e-commerce sample project in Pivotal Tracker with a few clicks.

Create a fully-fleshed out e-commerce sample project in Pivotal Tracker with a few clicks.


You can find Hamazon on github. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Design assets, mockups, and that sort of thing in the /doc folder. This is where I get most of the value of Hamazon these days.
  • The rest of this repo is a very old Spree install that I modified for cosmetic purposes. I haven’t tried to run it in years. One of these days I may update it (if I ever need to).

It’s my hope that others will start using Hamazon and contribute back to it. Code contributions would be welcome, but even just using it spreads the benefits of Convention Over Configuration. It helps to eliminate the trivial choice of “what’s the example I should use to describe [SOME ARBITRARY] concept?”, and frees you to think about explaining the concept, not framing the situation for the listener.

Have you tried Hamazon? Let us know in the comments!

  • ethan

    This is awesome.

  • We did a similar thing for consulting training program back when I was working for a systems integration firm. We created an example of every deliverable type for a fictional eCommerce company called “” I like much more though. Nice work!

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