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Heroku hates Windows


Heroku ignores Gemfile.lock if you have any windows platform versions referenced.

There’s really no good reason for them to do this.

  • Agree, there is no good reason for that.

    I believe the argument is associated with packaged gems (vendor/cache) bundled with your application.

    The other is incorrect versioning (having a Windows gem like while the non-Windows is 1.2.1)

    I’m still pinging them to fix the heroku toolbelt, leave alone the buildpack :(

  • Heroku uses unix boxes. Windows lockfiles can’t reliably be installed onto unix boxes. That’s a pretty big reason.

  • Joseph Palermo

    Gemfile.lock can support different versions on different platforms. Bundler handles this just fine. Heroku should just use the bundled versions for the platform it is on, and ignore the windows ones.

  • I’ve been having a lot of problems with the Heroku Toolbelt gaining access. It’s just one problem after another, and no help at all from the support staff. On the other hand, I tried a friend’s macbook and got it working within seconds.

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