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How do You Become a Mobile Video Leader this Year?

We recently released a whitepaper, “Top 3 Tactics to Become a Mobile Video Leader This Year.” In it, we discuss the trends we’ve seen in the space and how video producers can take advantage of them. According to Cisco, mobile video accounted for more than half of all web traffic in 2012. This proportion is only going to grow, meaning that the best time to start planning and executing next year’s mobile video strategy is now. This is the time to not only explore new territory, but to make a difference to your bottom line.

Click here to download our free whitepaper, and learn how to become a leader in this growing space.

With video growing increasingly popular and an audience and target market saturated with video content, content strategy and marketing becomes increasingly important. Here are the top three tactics we advise clients who want to become mobile video leaders:

1. Provide interactive and branded second-screen experiences

For the uninitiated, the second-screen movement stems from behavior where consumers of television can be found simultaneously browsing another device (e.g., mobile phone or tablet). Content creators have found a way to leverage this behavior; instead of seeing it as an inevitable and unavoidable distraction, they use it as a method to further pull viewers into the experience.

2. Utilize analytics to provide customized content for the consumer

Big data presents the opportunity to track the content that delights your audiences, and tailor delivery to their tastes. In order to cut through the noise of other content, you need to make the experience extremely relevant to them.

3. Monetize contextually relevant mobile experiences

With the growing popularity of in-app payments, establishing new revenue streams should be a critical part of creating a sustainable mobile experience. This section examines a few revenue models and tried-and-true strategies to increasing transactions.

The infographic below highlights some key findings.


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