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How To Create a Fluid Application for Pivotal Tracker

As a developer of web apps, I’m inevitably running 3 or 4 browsers, each with 10 tabs open containing my application under development, Google searches, gotapi (pronounced “got a pie?” of course!), design wireframes, and all kinds of other very important stuff. And in one of those tabs, somewhere, is Pivotal Tracker. Browsers and tabs are great, but sometimes you just want an Application — notice the capital “A.”

Fluid to the rescue! Fluid lets you create Site Specific Browsers, which “provide a great solution for your WebApp woes.” In a nutshell, Fluid makes a custom WebKit browser that, when launched, opens just the site you configured it to open, such as Gmail, Pandora, or even Pivotal Tracker. I love that I can maximize the Pivotal Tracker app and boost the font 3 or 4 levels, filling a screen with Tracker goodness without the clutter or navigation buttons, bookmark bars, or tabs. And where is Tracker? Just command-tab!

Here’s how to create a Fluid application for Pivotal Tracker.

  1. Download and install Fluid
  2. Download the Fluid Icon for Pivotal Tracker
  3. Launch Fluid
  4. Enter the following:
    • URL:
    • Name: Pivotal Tracker
    • Location: pick one!
    • Icon: pick ‘Other…’ then find the tracker icon you downloaded earlier
  5. Click Create, then launch it!

Once launched, open the Pivotal Tracker preferences and change the Window Style to “HUD (Black)” under Appearance Preferences Why? Because it looks cool.


Here is the Fluid icon, upon request.

  1. Steve C says:

    Hey Joe, can you just attach the fluid file to this post?

  2. Joe Moore says:

    Updated with the icon as requested.

  3. Carl Jackson says:

    If you prefer moz try the Prism Firefox extension:

    which adds a menu item Tools -> Convert Website to Application

  4. Josh Knowles says:

    Does this mean that you’ll remove the “Warning: The browser you are using is not officially supported…” that I always see when using Tracker from Fluid?

  5. Yes, please solve the Fluid unsupported browser login message problem!

  6. Chris Blow says:

    Thanks for the writeup, not sure why i didn’t think of this before. Also, I love your user stories: “test test test test!”

    so true

  7. Paul says:

    Hmmm … After I get past the login screen it launches Safari with the project I’m tracking. What am I doing wrong or am I just being persecuted????

  8. Chris says:

    Here’s how I solved Paul’s problem: add the following two patterns to the whitelist:**

  9. Paul says:

    Thanks Chris, it works like a charm!

    I consolidated and just whitelisted **

  10. Paul says:

    > I consolidated and just whitelisted

    That would be (star)

  11. Mike says:

    I was having the same issue as Paul and tried his fix:


    Not sure why but it did not work for me. If you continue having the same problem, try Chris’s fix by adding both:**

    BTW, Pivotal Tracker rocks! Thanks.

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