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Our Interview with AirPair

Our COO, Edward Hieatt, was recently featured in an interview with AirPair on the topic of pair programming. AirPair is a network of vetted technical experts, each specializing in specific tech like Rails, JavaScript, or Oracle DB optimization, that software engineers can book on demand for real-time consultation via video chat and screen sharing.

For those unfamiliar with the notion of pair programming, it’s when two developers code simultaneously: one programs, the other observes and assists. We’ve found pair programming to be exceptionally effective, as it helps our developers catch a lot of little bugs immediately, and provides a short feedback loop.

The blog post goes more in-depth into many other benefits of pair programming, and also features former and current Pivots sharing their thoughts on pair programming and test-driven development (TDD).

Have a look on AirPair’s blog.

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