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Introducing Sympatico's New Mobile-Friendly Site!

In today’s world of immediacy and convenience, no one wants to jump around from webpage to webpage for information they’re looking for. Time is everything and if we can eliminate a few finger “swishes” or “clicks” while browsing on our phones, we’re happy. It seems Bell figured this out by creating a solution for consumers. The launch of the brand new Sympatico Mobile site is the one-stop-tool for getting all the daily information and news on the go in one spot.

Serving a mobile-optimized experience for a wide range of devices like iPhones, Android Phones and BlackBerrys, Sympatico’s mobile web portal gives Canadians all sorts of news updates. Whether its Auto, Business, Finance, or Style news, Blogs, Celebrity gossip, weather or more, Sympatico brings it all to your mobile device.

Building out Sympatico mobile was a great challenge. With so many channels and Sympatico’s desire to offer a mobile-optimized experience for each of them, the Xtreme Labs team had to push the limits of its mobile web platform to offer the great experience. This was the key to success for optimizing the site.

The Xtreme Labs team built out new widgets that are now part of the platform including a slick weather module that provides long and short term forecasts.

Another feature that sets this mobile experience apart are the tied Sympatico channels. By tying them together using a grid navigation widget users can jump from one channel to another in a consistent way. Fewer finger strokes and information all in one spot!

To check out the new mobile site click here, or better yet check it out on your mobile device!

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