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It Ain't Official, It Ain't Blabs… It's Everyone!

Howdy, everyone! Don’t you hate it when one of your favorite Pivots blogs a non-official, non-blabs article about tea and you didn’t even know about it? It’s just too much effort to subscribe to everyone’s blog individually.

Fret no more! Now you can read and subscribe to every blog post with one easy URL: the All Pivots Blog. Just navigate to /everyone. You’ll see all Official, Blabs, and individual posts in chronological order.

A couple of points:

  • Exposing the All Pivots Blog reinforces the fact that all posts are public.
  • There are no links directly to the All Pivots Blog — you “just have to know”. We still want to drive traffic to the Official Blog and Pivotal Blabs; the All Pivots Blog is mostly for us Pivots, which is why I have not put a working link in this post.
  1. Peter Hessler says:

    haha, now I get to subject everyone to my ramblings on OSes, and low lying subsystems. VICTORY IS MINE!

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