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Jasmine 2.0 and Add-Ons

We started the work on 2.0 over a year ago. We had some ambitious goals and were able to carve out some dedicated time away from Pivotal Labs’ consulting business to accomplish them. Still. it took us over a year to get this done.

There was a lot of work to do internally to the code to make it easier to review and take your pull requests. Some of that work was cleaning up the external interface so Jasmine works better on more projects and in more environments.

Using Add-Ons

Since the external interface has changed, if you’re using any of the great add-ons that have come from the community, your mileage will vary with the new version.

One of the most popular add-ons – one that nearly every Pivotal Labs JavaScript project uses – is Jasmine-jQuery. We’ve been working with the maintainers to make the transition to Jasmine 2.0. There is a branch that supports 2.0. We’re working to get full release support shortly.

Writing Add-Ons

If you’re maintaining an add-on, please read the release notes where we discuss (at a very high level) the interface changes. Fewer of Jasmine’s internals are exposed than before, which means some of your functionality just won’t work now. Sorry about that.

We do want to start exposing hooks so that adding value (back) to Jasmine is easier. Please jump on the mailing list so we can discuss what your project needs. We want to have an interface that makes sense, is testable, and is maintainable. That’s a hard problem, so please be patient as we work with you to make that interface awesome for many versions to come.

Thanks again for making Jasmine a great project. Keep on testing!

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