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Jasmine Workshop 9/8 & 9/9

Cory Flanigan and Justin Searls are hosting a two day Jasmine workshop very soon in Denver on 9/8 & 9/9 at Uncubed. Details here:

The event is non-profit. There’s a fee of $120, but it is intended to only cover costs. If proceeds manage to exceed our costs, they’ll be donated to charity.

Their objectives are to introduce people to Jasmine, pair on a basic kata, pair on spec’ing some behavior that would involve DOM interactions/jQuery, illustrate patterns for using spies on dependencies and callbacks (like AJAX), and also to spend time working through methods for rigging up Jasmine specs in CI.

In addition, they’re inviting everyone who attends to bring some of their own existing JavaScript (especially if it’s untested). As time permits on the second day they’d like to mob program on these real-world examples by characterizing legacy JavaScript code with Jasmine and then refactoring with our tests as a safety net.

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