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Kombucha anyone?

As geeks we like science experiments. As San Franciscans (mostly) we like anything novel, particularly if it’s organic, healthy, and foreign. So, a few months ago, after realizing our employer couldn’t afford our kombucha (fermented green or black tea) habit, we started brewing our own:


Now we’ve got more “mushrooms” (actually a bacteria and yeast symbiote called a scoby). These are the “strata” in the jars above. So, if ever you’ve ever wanted to make your own kombucha (it’s easy and tasty) , or if you’ve never heard of it and the idea of a beverage somewhere between ice tea, lemonade, and beer sounds tasty, come by or paypal me postage and I’ll give you a scoby.

  • Kevin

    I too have a serious hankering for kombucha. Can you post more info on your technique/recipe?


  • I’d be interested in giving it a try. Can you contact me with paypal info and a recipe??


  • Karl

    I am a prodigious tea drinker, but have never tried kombucha. So hey, I’ll try anything made with tea. Please shoot me an email with the postage cost for a scoby!

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