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LicenseAudit improvements

Over the last week, Abhinav and I have been working on some enhancements and cleanup of LicenseAudit. For those that don’t know, LicenseAudit is a tool to track bundler dependencies, and their licenses. It is build on top of the license_finder gem.

The majority of the work was on stabilizing the code which resolves the dependencies, but we also managed to squeeze in a few new features, too. Most notably, we now support gems. The long term goal is to allow gems to have badges (in the same vein as travisci and codeclimate) which will show the state of the licensing information of a repo.

The other major feature that was added is designed to help with the adoption of LicenseAudit. If your app has been using the license_finder gem and you have your dependencies database checked in, the first time we audit your project we will import the data from the dependencies.db file.

We’d love as many people as possible to try LicenseAudit – – out, and we’d love any and all feedback!

  • Any thought about limit github api requests to public repos, and better read only. I’ve modified the callback myself to do this and it worked.

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