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Make the RubyMine 2.0.1 debugger work for you…

In the latest Rubymine 2.0.1, we’ve had lots of problems on our workstations with getting it working reliably. Seeing as how I love using a debugger and look forward to leaving the days of puts behind, I’ve spent a fair amount of time troubleshooting this problem.

Here’s the deal – Rubymine 2.0.1 must have ruby-debug-ide -v=0.4.7 installed to work correctly, not the latest, which is ruby-debug-ide -v=0.4.9. You should also check out the Console tab of the debugger if you need any additional troubleshooting help.

So go ahead, uninstall 0.4.9, install 0.4.7 open up Rubymine 2.0.1 and start debugging – your inner troubleshooter will thank you.

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