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May 23rd 2011 [Standup][NYC]


“When adding “use strict” into a java script function, JSlint activates strict mode for all javascript.”

How do we make “use strict” apply to just one function?


  • Thanks to Peter for donating his collection of MAKE magazines to the Pivotal Library. If you need inspiration for your next hardware hacking project, be sure to check them out.

  • Lee has been working on an open source project called Lobot. Lobot helps with setting up and deploying Continuous Integration to AWS. He would love some feedback.

New Faces

Welcome Sean Beckett and Ash Hogan to the NY office.


  • NYC.rb hackfest (Tuesday 24th)
  • Hope to see everyone at this weeks happy hour.

  1. Luis Lavena says:

    There is no link to Lobot, if is open source, will be great to be able to take a look and provide feedback too ;-)

  2. Matthew Kocher says:

    Glad to hear you’re interested. Lobot’s specs have a dependencies on our rails template code which we had never gotten around to open sourcing. Once that’s out there in the next day or two, we’ll open up Lobot. It’s a generator with chef recipes, rake tasks and cap tasks to spin up an EC2 instance, install and configure Jenkins with some of the usual gem dependencies. It’s still a work in progress, bur out intention is to move all of our Rails CI to cloud instances.

  3. Mat Schaffer says:

    +1 on a Lobot link. Could you do an intro blog post once it’s out?

    A feature I’d really love in this sort of project would be a way to spin it up via github hook (maybe to heroku app) then have it turn off after inactivity so you’re not burning cloud time that you don’t use.

  4. John Pignata says:

    Strictness when using the “use strict” pragma is supposed to respect function scope and JSLint should work likewise. The following causes JSLint to complain about line 3 as strict mode doesn’t allow implicit globals while allowing line 7 in non-strict mode.

    (function () {
    “use strict”;
    bar = “foo”;

    (function () {
    foo = “bar”;

  5. Peter Jaros says:

    @JP: That was the original question, actually: it doesn’t. When we ran it as `rake jslint` with `”use strict”` in one function, it applied strict mode to *all* of our Javascript source

  6. John Pignata says:

    Got that. It’s definitely not supposed to and I’m not seeing that behavior in my project or on Strange. JSLint bug?

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