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Meanwhile, over in Objective-C land

Two new interesting open-source Objective-C frameworks bookended our week this week:

First, Peter Kim sent a message to the Cedar-discuss mailing list to introduce us to his new matcher framework Expecta. Now, instead of OCHamcrest’s assertThatBool(maybe, equalToBool(NO)) shenanigans one can simply expect(2+2).toEqual(4); There’s also a nice DSL for implementing custom matchers for objects.

Excited about the possibilities, Kurtis and I spiked on implementing a set of custom matchers for commonly-used Cocoa structs such as CGPoint, something we have found lacking in current tools and testing patterns. Our entire project team looks forward to writing more tests using Expecta.

Also, Twitter Engineering just announced TwUI, a new Core Animation-based UI framework for OS X. Fun times.

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