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The next programming language I invent shall be named monkey. And instead of objects it will have patches.

POP, patch oriented programming.

In fact, all of the primitives will be built by reopening primitives.
For example, to make the primitive 2, you start with 1, then patch 1 to act like 2.

Out of this, the whole of arithmetic is built. and so on for the most complex of programs.

  1. Corey Haines says:

    That reminds me of set theory in college, where we started with nil, called it zero, then moved to the set containing nil, called it one, then the set that contains nil and the set containing nil was called 2, and so on, and so on, until you have the number system. Add union for addition, and you have arithmetic.

    I love the idea of having the entire language be constructed from patches applied to the primitive

  2. Shimon Amit says:

    Hmm.. sounds like PHP.

  3. Parker Thompson says:

    someone’s been dreaming of git…

  4. Why does this put the image of a monkey playing a Peano (sic) in my mind?

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