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More Amazing Things From Cineplex!

There’s been tons of buzz about the iPhone 5 and Apple’s iOS 6 launches. Anyone that’s produced an app needs to figure out how they will upgrade to the new OS or figure out if their app should support new features of a device. Cineplex is a shining example of one company that understands what it means to be mobile first. Without missing a beat Cineplex was right on top of launching its magazine (Cineplex Magazine and Le magazine Cineplex) on Newsstand and updated its mobile app to be compatible with the release of Apple’s new Passbook feature for iOS6. This made Cineplex an official launch partner with Apple for iPhone 5, Passbook and iOS 6 launch.

Here’s what’s new from Cineplex:


A big part of going to the movies is grabbing a copy of Cineplex’s magazine to flip through before previews, or to take home as a souvenir after the movie. Cineplex has taken its magazine mobile by making it available on Newsstand. The new digital magazine cleverly layers the interactive content on top of the standard .PDF used to create the print copies. This action minimizes the work for editors by relieving the need to edit two copies of the same magazine. Cineplex can put in as much or as little digital content as they have included in editions of the magazine.

Next up was the Cineplex mobile app update to support Passbook. When purchasing a ticket in the app, users just need to select the mobile redemption option and a booking ID gets stored right into the Passbook app. The booking ID can be scanned for a movie ticket once you’ve arrived at the theatre. Passbook has been deployed with e-gift cards and for the Scene card, Cineplex’s loyalty movie rewards.

In the first 24 hours of Cineplex Passbook being released, over 6,000 Scene card were uploaded, and within days of the launch, 2,500 Passbook tickets for Cineplex were purchased. It seems users and movie fans alike have taken to the new way to get their movie tickets.

And on yet another mobile-front, we were excited to find out that of the three Canadian apps that were launched with Google TV here in Canada, the Cineplex Google TV app was one of them. Check it out in Google Play here.





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