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More on my RailsConf talk

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be giving a talk at RailsConf on how I “got more agile” once I was able to practice every day. The goal is for my story to help you in your career, telling some good stories in the process.

To celebrate/entice you to come to RailsConf & my talk, (Tuesday, 2:50pm, Ballroom A) and to thank those of you who contributed your own tips, I have two things for you.

First is a promise of Pivotal Labs swag (content TBD) to anyone who submitted a tip & to the first five comment authors who claim it below and identify themselves at the actual session – no sneaking off to Scott’s Advanced Git talk.

Second, for everyone, is a RailsConf discount of 15% in case you haven’t registered yet. When you register, use the promo code RC09FOS. Note that as of yesterday, the Hilton’s room rate has dropped to $99 a night. w00t!

  1. brian doll says:

    Sweet, sweet swag, thanks! Glad I could help. If you’re around the next week or two, I could stop by the Pivotal office. Would love to check it out.

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