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Musings on the use of Cucumber

I found this article to be quite enlightening about the use of Cucumber , and more specifically the “verbiage” of Cucumber features.

Make sure you read down through the comments as there are some interesting replies from both the people behing Cucumber and Pickle.

I’ve always gotten that “not so fresh” feeling when including CSS selectors in my Cucumber features and now I have a reason why.

This article becomes really important if you start to have your clients define their Tracker stories as Cucumber features, something I am toying with right now. Just think of how much development time you could save if all you needed to do was copy/paste a feature from Tracker into a feature file. Sure it may never happen 100% of the time but even if it only 10% of the time it is still more than 0%.

  1. Ian McFarland says:

    Don’t copy and paste it, use Pickler to pull it out of tracker:

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