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My Feed

For the last several months I’ve been producing a Shared Items feed in Google Reader that some of my friends enjoy. I subscribe to dozens of blogs, sift through a couple hundred items per day, and curate what I think is the highest quality content.

Feel free to subscribe to my feed:

alt What my feed looks like

  1. Alex Chaffee says:

    Me too! Only my shared items are *much* cooler than Nick’s!

    also here’s my Tumblog: which is a lot like a shared feed only I add comments sometimes.

  2. Alex Chaffee says:

    Here are those links as links:

    [Alex C’s Shared Items Feed](

    [Alex C’s Tumblog](

    And here’s how to share any item even when you’re not inside the Google Reader interface, but on the actual blog post page:


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