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New Tech Talk: Demystifying Online Billing

Isaac Hall of Recurly describes many of the hidden challenges in managing recurring billing online. He offers step-by-step tips, tricks, and firsthand experience on how to better architect and more easily deploy billing in your application.

Isaac put up a synopsis of the main ideas on the Recurly site.

See all our talks at

  1. David Parker says:

    FYI, the text is correct for the URL, but the actual link is wrong.

  2. Sean Beckett says:

    Thanks, David, I also forgot to include a link to the actual talks page. That’ll teach me to blog on a Friday afternoon right before a meeting…

  3. Shimon Amit says:

    The sound drops out on the video at 32:11. I’ll use the mp3 in the meantime.

  4. Sean Beckett says:

    For some reason a significant number of videos we transcode from MOV to F4V using the Adobe Media Encoder are dropping audio somewhere after the 35 minute mark. Re-running the transcode sometimes fixes the problem.

    I’m re-transcoding the talk now and I hope to have a replacement F4V file up on our servers tonight.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Sean Beckett says:

    Our videographer informed me that the MP4 should play back fine in the Flash container, and whaddya know, it does!

    The talk is live with complete audio. Thanks for letting us know.

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