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New Version of Tweed: 0.9.14 Now Available

0.9.14 of Tweed is now available in the App Catalog.


  • timeout didn’t actually timeout
  • re-launch app created new card


  • loading spinner/scrim no longer full screen — allows for user interaction/cancel if Twitter is slow
  • option to disable links in tweet list (still available from tweet popup)
  • ability to re-tweet own tweets
  • Nearby timeline (can search within nearby, configure Nearby radius)
  • Photo View
  • Support for French (for Canadian users)
  • preference to open multiple cards per account

Photo Viewing

  • if tweet contains photo link, icon indicator will be present
  • can view photos within Tweed, no need for external browser load
  •, (and, and supported

Multiple Cards

If enabled, you can tap Open from App Menu to open another card for an account. (This allows multiple timelines to be simultaneously open, similar to TweetDeck)


  1. Carl Zulauf says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I was so frustrated by the fact that Tweed was never timing out and had no way for me to cancel. Frustration gone.

  2. Tofur says:

    Very nice update. Keep up the good work.

  3. Levi4u says:

    I am getting this error since updating; ERROR; You have exceeded the number of request that twitter allows per hour, This limit resets in 20853892 minutes.

  4. Levi4u says:

    uninstall/reinstall fixed it.

  5. Camilo says:

    Is TWEED just for PalmPre? I like the notifications you can get when you have an @reply, but I have a Blackberry. Can Tweed be installed on a Blackberry?

  6. Daniel Reznicek says:

    Excellent update! Canceling the unresponsive update is huge! Thank you for that. Next: Multiple Timelines ala teetdeck :)

  7. Wonderful! It make less time and hassel. Thank for your hard work! You rocks!

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