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Kris Hicks reassures us that the vim path through git interactive rebases need not lead to maddness. If you’d like to do an interactive rebase in your editor of choice (rather than Textmate, the Pivotal default) you can set the GIT_EDITOR flag. So go ahead to the terminal and

export GIT_EDITOR=vim && git rebase -i origin/master

Vim will launch, changes will be made, commits will be squashed, and all will be right with the world. Until you try to save; after making your changes and :wq-ing, the terminal will admonish you Could not execute editor.

The problem is a vi + Mac OS X + git incompatibility with pathogen (the vim package manager). To fix it, add the following lines to your .vimrc file:

filetype on
filetype off
...pathogen crap...
filetype on

For more on this issue, see


Rayban reminds us that you best yield before you exit the block.

For example:

around_save :check_something, :if => "my_attribute_changed?"

def check_something
  return unless my_attribute == "foo"
  # do some stuff...

will not save unless my_attribute == "foo"— if your condition to run the around filter rarely happens you might not notice this fairly obvious behavior and be confused confused confused.

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