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NY Standup 6/1/2011: I require more speed

Interesting Things

  • require ‘performance_patch’: Ruby 1.9’s require is much slower than Ruby 1.8’s. There’s a fix targeted for Ruby 1.9.3.
  • A few weeks ago, someone wondered how to test jQuery dialog, since it uses animations which make dismissing it asynchronous and hard to test. The answer: set == true. jQuery will then skip animations and skip properties synchronously to their final states.
  • Reset Content vs jQuery: When a jQuery AJAX call receives a 205 Reset Content response, it doesn’t call your success callback.
  • Rails doesn’t like join tables with attributes: When you use a join table and has_and_belongs_to_many, the join can’t hold any extra information, just the presence of an association between two records. If you need to store metadata about that association, use a join model with has_many through: instead. If you even have extra columns on a join table, Rails will now give you a deprecation warning.
  • Creating a has_one: If Person has_one :account, you can person.build_account to build a new Account for it, or person.create_account to build and save it. Likewise, if Account belongs_to :person, you can account.build_person or account.create_person.


Austin’s routine this morning gave all our thighs and calves a good stretch. And our jeans.

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