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NY Standup 6/10/2011: Action-packed gemsets!

Interesting Things

  • Reputedly, the webserver G-WAN offers you 2x the speed of nginx for delivering static files.

  • Case Commons and the Casebook team is proud to announce (an early version of) ActiveTable. In the spirit of ActiveHash, ActiveTable lets you store enumeration-style data in your source code and access it with an ActiveRecord-like interface. ActiveTable, however, uses temporary tables to store the data in each database connection, allowing you to use it in SQL queries and joins. Props go to Todd Persen for making it happen.


  • Today is Walkabout NYC, a city-wide tech startup open house. It’s part of this year’s Internet Week NY. From 12pm to 6pm tech shops throughout NYC will open their doors to visitors who want to see how it all works. Pivotal’s participating, so stop by and see how we do what we do!
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